Super- Dope Line Up – Diamond And Yemi Alade Fail To Perform At Kasarani During Tomorrow’s Leaders’ Festival

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Even with the un-ending hype, they portrayed across their official social media accounts; they disappointed the energetic crowd who saved to purchase tickets to be part of the big movement.

This past weekend, on Saturday 8th, all roads were leading to Kasarani stadium for Tomorrow’s Leaders Festival. The festival is conducted annually to support the youth and leadership programs for the young ones across Africa and Jamaica.

The Morgan Heritage Foundation are the organisers of the festival. Funds raised through the festival go towards several key initiatives at OXFAM International, save the children and UNICEF from contributing to the costs associated with making the various initiatives a reality.

The festival line up was enticing and luring enough to any party-goer; it featured prominent artists across Africa and from the mention of their names it was so tempting to turn up.  It included; Morgan Heritage, Diamond Platnumz, Yemi Alade, Naiboi, Alaine, Femi One, J Chameleon, StoneBwoy, Wyre, Jemere Morgan and Jua Cali.

With these choices on the menu, you wouldn’t miss a dish. On the side, the festival spiced it up with three surprise acts, and they included: J Boog, Rophnan and Stanely Enow who graced the stage.

The performances were all going well until the audience noted that Diamond and Yemi Alade were not going to perform. Things started going south from here.

Where did the rain start beating?

The Festival Poster

From the word go, the poster was not promising at all. It didn’t require a graphic designer to note the whack in it. It’s like the graphic designer wasn’t in for it, or they just gave the job to a random guy, or they simply wanted a poster with their details, and that’s all.
They didn’t do much about it, but we hope next time they are going to consider it.

The Festival Timing

The festival was meant to start at 12:00 pm on 8th Saturday sadly it started around 8:00 pm and performances at midnight.

Artists Airtime

Due to delayed timings, artists were cut short their airtime, an artist could perform for 5 minutes that is barely three songs, and the next act was called upon the stage to perform.

Alaine – a singer from Jamaica, took it to Twitter to acknowledge her love for Kenya and how she had planned to perform but her time was cut short.


The VVIP tents were not put up in time, and it suddenly started raining, forcing some people to stand in the rain as the tents were put in place.

Short-Time Notice

Enough time wasn’t invested in promoting this festival. It was more of an impromptu festival. The hype wasn’t diverse – didn’t receive the hype it deserved, considering who’s who of the African music industry were gracing the stage.

Despite all that, the festival picked the vibe in the atmosphere and yes, the party was just beginning till they realised it was 5:30 am, and yet Diamond Platinumz and Yemi Alade hadn’t performed.

The annoyed, distressed and rowdy audience started chanting, Diamond Platinumz self-proclaimed name ‘SIMBA’ distracting Morgan heritage performance. They tried to manage the audience, and it’s when they informed the audience that Simba was not going to perform because he was feeling unwell.

The audience got annoyed and here is a couple of tweeps who took it to twitter.

Featured Image Courtesy: Instagram



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