A Kenyan Tweep Tweeted It, She’s Now Living It In Cannes, France

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Wow, who never wants to wake up to start living their dreams? None.


Today morning via Twitter, we got to discover something interesting enough to write about. Twitter has just turned a Kenyan girl’s tweet @kirutubobo’s into a reality. We can’t imagine how excited she must be right now, but we can only keep on her twitter timeline to feel part of this great accomplishment.


Rarely do such situations occur; and when they happen, they are often accompanied by luck. If you got the positive vibes, who knows? Someone is watching your tweet or rather your post online, and something you’ve been wanting may happen soon. (Watch what you post!)


In this era, where the world is viewed as a global village, whatever you post online is seen all over the world, that means you got the power to get what you desire if your keen and smart with the type of content you post. Enough said; So, how did our lovely @kirutubobo    end up on a billboard in Cannes France?


Ms Kiritubobo (how we shall call her) logged to her Twitter account just like any other day, but this specific day on March 19, 2019, she posted something that caught a person’s eye, most probably sitting scrolling tweets on her /his internet-enabled gadget and guess what? (You’ll have to keep reading to find out)


So this specific day she posted this:


The tweet was just a regular tweet, of course, expressed with passion and hope, It had gained 3 retweets and 4 likes, and not expecting anything in return, surprisingly Twitter responded to her tweet asking for permission to use her tweet on a billboard in France.



June is here, today was the ideal day,  and so her tweet made to the billboard. Literary, she was featured although her full photo was not featured,  her tweet containing her Twitter handle and profile picture made it to the billboard. Good enough right? After all her contact details are the most important.


Here goes the billboard:


Twitter is currently running a 4-day campaign in Cannes France, the campaign’s main objective is to show its advertising prowess and the power of its audience. To Ms. Kiritubobo, we wish her all the best as she ushers her ‘new life’  and this is a good opportunity as billboard marketing comes with a couple of benefits.





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