Ian Fernandes,The CEO of Mediamax Quits To Pursue His Interests

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The CEO of MediaMax Ian Fernandes calls it quits after working at the media house for five years Previously He was working at Nation Media Group as the Managing Director Broadcast and Digital Divisions.

Fernandes joined MediaMax in 2014 and will be the third CEO to quit MediaMax, after Granton Samboja and Paul Wanyangah. Reports indicate he is leaving to pursue his interests.


Mr Ian accomplished several things at MediaMax;
  • He launched Meru FM, Emoo FM, Mayian FM, Kameme FM
  • He helped convert the newspaper “The People Daily’‘ into a free paper
  • He reduced the number of the newspaper pages to 32 pages
  • He also phased out the Sunday Edition and introduced a Weekend Edition
  • He chaired the retrenchment of some KTN and Citizen TV staff by paying them twice what their previous employee paid them

Mr Fernandes also held other high offices in the media industry; he was a treasurer at the Media Owners Association, a Managing Director both Broadcast and Digital Divisions at Nation Media Group and at  Kenya Television Network (KTN) he was a Group Technical and Production Director.

As he exits the Media house, the former Royal Media Services editorial consultant Peter Opondo was named the Group Editor-in-Chief at MediaMax.



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