Poll: Milly Wa Jesus And Diana Marua’s Pregnancy Pictures Leave Us Yearning For More

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 Wow, these two Kenyan couples have a way to always glam our Instagrams with their beautiful pictures leaving us yearning for more.

The wa Jesus family includes Kabi wa Jesus and Milly wa Jesus whose real names are Peter Kabi and Milly Kabi respectively.

Bahati Kenya's family is running a reality TV show on NTV Kenya called Being Bahati. The family is made up of Diana Marua, Kelvin Bahati, Heaven Bahati(Diana Marua's firstborn), Mueni Bahati( Bahati's firstborn), and Morgan Bahati (Bahati's Adopted child) who are now also expecting a fourth member to their family.

We send our best wishes, love and luck to the two families who are now expecting new members of their families. 

And to you fans, vote for your favourite baby bump pictures.



Featured Image Courtesy: ThewaJesus family, Bahati Kenya &Diana Marua (@Instagram)

  1. Which Kenyan Couple Slayed the Pregnancy Pictures?

    1. Bahati Kenya
    2. The wa Jesus Family
    3. Bahati Family
    4. The wa Jesus Family
    5. Bahati Kenya
    6. The Wa Jesus Family
    9 votes
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