Popular Bongo Star Gifts His Parents With Brand New Cars

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Renowed Bongo singer Rajab Abdul Kahari popularly known as Harmonize surprised his parents with brand new multi million cars.

The ‘Show me’ heavy hitter took to Instagram to share the good news with his fans who were impressed by his move. He shared videos on his Instagram showing two Toyota Harrier cars parked outside his parent’s mansion. He wet ahead to caption it, ““Mama Konde Boy and Mzee Konde Boy’s new cars”

“Just bought this two cars one silver and one white juts waiting for them to come and pick them” said Harmonize.

He later asked his dad to choose which one he would prefer. As the singer’s parents were still figuring out which to take, the crooner called out his Italian girlfriend to help their parents make the choice. A while after, Mama Harmonize picked the silver one while the Dad settled on the white Harrier.

Things seem to be looking rosy for the talented artist as he also bought his friend Jose Wamipango, a brand new Toyota Swift on his birthday not long ago.

His reason for gifting Wamipango, he said was the fact that he believed in him, before he became a star.

Featured Image Courtesy: Kiss 100



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