DNA Results Put An End To The Mystery Of Kakamega Twins

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DNA analysis conducted by Lancet Kenya (PLK) confirms that popular lookalike girls: Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo are identical twins.

“With the 23 allelic loci tested show 100 per cent perfect match, which is consistent with the two being biologically identical twins,” a statement from Lancet read.

The results further revealed that Rosemary Oyango, a woman known to be the mother of Melon previously, as the mother of Sharon and Melon.

“Rosemary Onyango cannot be excluded as the biological mother of Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo, who have a compatible obligatory maternal allelic profile with a 99.99 per cent probability,” read the findings.

Further findings disclose that Melvis Imbaya, the girl who has been living in Kakamega with Melon as the daughter of Angeline Omina and Wilson Luttah, who have been living in Nairobi with Sharon as their daughter.

“Melvis Imbaya exhibits a compatible obligatory maternal and paternal allelic profile with that of Angeline Omina and Wilson Lutah, respectively, Thus Angeline and Wilson cannot be respectively be excluded as the biological mother and father of Melvis Imbaya with a probability percentage of 99.99 per cent,” the DNA analysis further stated.

The long-awaited DNA results were out by beginning of May but had to be withheld until the girls and respective families were available to receive the results.

Sharon and Melon’s story made headlines on tabloids and got aired repeatedly on TV in April. Their uncanny resemblance left many shocked further raising postulations that the two must be twins who were supposedly switched at birth.

What made the whole scenario more intriguing is the fact that both mothers, Melon’s and Sharon’s gave birth in the same hospital less than a day apart.

Though not necessarily cinematic as it was happening, the events of the twins have unfolded like collections of short stories. So, Sharon and Melon met in April 2018 on Facebook. In the first instance they went ham on each other after they both assumed the whole thing to be a case of identity theft.

They later sent friend request to each other and one thing led to the other and eventually they met in December 2018 in Kakamega town.

Sharon and Melon wowed many with their striking resemblance and bubbly personality. Fate had it that the two would reconnect two decades later thanks to their unmistakable similarities. From their dental formula, to their nails and even their IQ, there were telltale signs that confirmed the relationship of the twins.

Both the twins happen to be going to school in Kakamega county. After a couple of academic expeditions, Melon received news from her schoolmates and teachers about a girl she looked so alike. The news became so persistent until a photo of her ‘twin’ was brought to her, it is then when it hit her that she could really be having a sister elsewhere.

It is until yesterday, when pathologists from Lancet Kenya brought an end to the mystery that has for a while unraveled and caused confusion in the two families.

After months of waiting with questions lingering in their minds, Lutah who is Melvis biological father hopes the DNA results will finally bring an end to the drama that has unfolded for the past few months. “The results will allow them to move on, and it will make us as parents decide how to move forward.”

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