Here are 5 Special Ways You Can Celebrate Father’s day In Nairobi

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The World is celebrating Father’s day today and different people have chosen to mark this special day differently. Tech giant Google has raised its hat to acknowledge dads across the world with a series of adorable doodles featuring a loving father duck and his six ducklings.

Its no doubt that Dads hold a special place in our hearts as they help shape how we view the world. They inculcate in us better ways to approach life challenges as well as the encouragement we need to slay our demons, be it in demoralising jobs, during exams.

Which is why you should not let this day pass without making the special man feel loved. Appreciating someone makes them feel good about what they do, and that it makes a difference to their lives. It makes them feel better about themselves, urging them to go on with new vigor, strengthening your relationship. It is the reason we insist that you should take time to give credits where it is due.

Are you in Nairobi? Just seated wondering how you can celebrate your dad this special day? Here are 5 special things you can do to make your dad feel appreciated on this special day:

Go For Nyama Choma

Many will agree with me that Nyama choma is valued in many Kenyan homes and for a number of people, it is a preserve for special occasions. Many people have been brought up and raised with the scintillating taste of the grilled meat and they have learnt to appreciate the delicacy.

You don’t have to wait for birthdays and Christmas to enjoy nyama choma. Father’s day marks an important day too. Go out with your dad and order for a kilogram or two of this barbecued grill meat. There are a number of popular choma joints like Kitengela, Mawe mbili, Njuguna’s place, Road grill house and many other local choma zones in your mtaa.

Visit A Historical Site

If your papa is the one who loves adventure why not visit Nairobi National Park, Giraffe centre, museum, go ziplining at kereita or just wear jeans and t-shirt and take a walk around Nairobi’s arboretum. The city has so much to offer, do whatever it takes to make him feel loved.

Give Back To The Society

The culture of giving back to the community has existed since time immemorial. Growing up, most Kenyan children have been instilled with the habit of giving. If your dad has been passionate about giving back to the needy, orphaned then it would be a good idea to engage him in a charity activity. You may end up making this day one of the happiest in his life! thank me later!

Get Him A Gift

Gifts are universal ways of showing gratitude. They do strengthen bonds too. They make people feel special. Don’t buy the obvious, be unique this time round. Custom-make a mug, watch, shoe, or whatever tickles your dad’s fancy.

Give Him A Call Or Leave A Text

Some people may be miles away from their Dad’s but that does not mean you should let the day pass. Sometimes, they say, it’s the thought that counts. A popular Swahili axiom goes “Kuzungumza kwa simu ni kuonana nusu”. Some fathers are to busy to even notice such days exist. Make him feel remembered. Give him a call and remind of the good all days and the funny little things he did. Let him laugh after all the say laughter is the best medicine and it is good. Don’t forget to appreciate him and if you find it hard calling him, send him a special text.

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