The Mistakes You Made On Fathers Day

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How was your fathers day? Good, Bad or just there?

No matter how it was, we believe you’ve spent time with your Father – after all, it’s was a Sunday (The perfect day for family time). The atmosphere was chilled and that’s enough sauce to spice your day. We are aware that most fathers on father’s day don’t receive the hype Mother’s day gets. We’re about to change that history – (Stick to the end).

We mind our fathers and that’s why we have organized a list of do’s and don’ts of this very day. Fathers also deserve the gifts and the special treatment you give your mothers in May. Sending that morning text wishing your father a happy father’s day is okay but if we compare it to the surprises mothers receive on mother’s day we’ll notice there’s a huge difference.

Try and make this year’s Father’s day a memorable one, appreciate your Father or someone who has played the role of a Father figure to you.

It’s not too late to do this, learn from the mistakes you made this fathers day and get ready for next years father’s day.

The Do’s


Do:  Tell your Father you love Him

We understand some may find it difficult to utter the words, ‘I love you dad.’ Relax, take a deep breath, accept the drill and remember everyone deserves love and so does your father. Gather those guts and proudly tell your dad you love him. This may mean nothing to you but those words are so powerful and they will create a positive impact in your father’s life.

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