The Mistakes You Made On Fathers Day

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Do: Spend quality time with your Father

Do fathers get time to bond with their children and family? rarely do they. Father’s day is a special time to create those great memories you’ve been longing for. Treat him to several activities; be careful of the activities you select, for instance, don’t take him to train golf when he has zero interest in golf. Try something exciting and neutral like taking him to a historical site, cinema or even a SPA, yes, he needs body massage and facials too.

DO: Get smarter

Pay attention to what your father loves, wishes or talks about.  Listen to what he has been desiring for so long and there you get an idea of what kind of present to give him. If he wishes for a car, fulfil his desires. Save little by little cash, you’ll afford it by next year’s fathers’ day.

Fathers quickly get attached to what their children gift them. Get creative.



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