The Mistakes You Made On Fathers Day

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DO: Have A Family Dinner

Home-made food is healthier and affordable, sharing such meals unites the family and keeps it at pace. It’s also a good chance to prepare the special dishes you’ve been wanting to make for your father as you master the art of cooking.

When a family sits around a table to share a meal it builds a strong family bond and encourages togetherness. Good food excites but when shared the love is felt. Next time try this magic, you’ll love it.

Avoid crowded places, people will go there and that means slow movement and services.

Don’t: Use Social Media to Wish Him A Happy Father’s Day

Honestly, we appreciate social media, its pros, and cons but were not in for this medium as the ideal means of communication. Sharing your wishes on social media lacks the direct connection you have with your dad.

Most people use social media to hide their ‘ugly’ relationships with their fathers. Instead, meet your father face to face and settle your differences, use this opportunity to develop and strengthen your relationship with your father.

Social Media is a completely different life, log out, keep your phone and go spend time with your Father.



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