The Mistakes You Made On Fathers Day

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Don’t: Ignore Him

Most people are not so close with their fathers and tend to feel a bit awkward spending so much time with him. Don’t ignore your father, if you have one, appreciate him.

Unless he did an awful thing to an extent you can’t find a reason to forgive him, then your case in an exception. Otherwise, find him wherever he could be, spend time and acquire wisdom from him now that he’s alive.

Always remember you will never find a man like your Father.

Don’t: Get Another Pair of Socks and Tie

On this specific day, get your dad something sentimental. Getting another pair of socks and a tie is the worst move you could make on a father’s day. It has become a norm here in Kenya with people getting their dads or boyfriends socks, ties or handkerchiefs for a gift. It is time to take up new challenges, be creative and custom-make a gift for your dad.

Wondering what’s the perfect gift? It’s pretty possible, learn his love language and you’ll get an idea of the perfect gift.



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