5 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up Early If You’re Living In Nairobi

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3. You Save on Time and Bus Fare

Nairobi bus fares hike as soon as 6:00 am approaches if you’re a night owl you might end up paying thrice the bus fare the early bird paid. No one is too rich to save,  you’re too careless to save.

Save half of your daily bus fare by waking up early. If you’re not aware, the bus fare in the morning is very affordable and you can end up saving half the amount you spend monthly on bus fare. If you’ll start saving on money then saving on time will automatically be your default settings.


4. You’ll Get Better at Everything

We mean everything ranging from your home to your workplace, you’ll be a better problem solver, performer, networker and time manager. Wake up early today and experience the better things you’ve been missing.

Waking up earlier than the rest of the people will allow you to enjoy the peace and quietness that prevails in the morning. A chance to meditate and become the best version of you!


5. You’ll get Organized

Rising earlier and planning out your entire day in advance will create an outline of the goals you want to achieve. It will help you not to feel hurried, you’ll earn extra time to finalize your thoughts and all the day to day activities that you need to accomplish will get done. Your work will flow and hence achieve your daily goals.

Good preparation is key to success. Before you tire to your bed, address all necessary issues that can be done before you sleep. Pick the clothes you’ll wear the next day, fuel your car, pack the small items you’ll require the next day and make sure your clock is functioning correctly.





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