Huddah Monroe Opens Up On Why She Dropped Out Of School

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City socialite and business woman Huddah Monroe has opened up on why she opted to drop out of school while she was half-way through her studies.

The popular lass has revealed that she quit college so as to give her siblings a chance to go to school as well.

“Coming from a poor family, I didn’t graduate. I stopped college halfway to give my younger brothers the chance to education. I am good at setting businesses then I hire graduates as C.E.Os. , accountants and managers and people with more knowledge on business than me and give them good pay. They build the companies as I vacation away enjoying the fruits of my labour,” Huddah stated.

Huddah has made a name for herself in the cosmetic industry. Her beauty products which include lipsticks, eye shadow and wet wipes have been widely accepted especially in the local Kenyan market. The success of her cosmetics brand saw her become one of the first entrepreneurs on Cellulant’s augmented reality platform where buyers can try products before they purchase.

“I have seen this technology in Europe and I am excited that it is finally in Kenya and my cosmetics are pioneer products,” she said earlier.

Huddah launched her lipstick line in 2016 and regarding how she thought it would turn out to perform in the market, she said, “The funny thing is that when I launched, I did not think they would do so well. First, because of my name and all the bad things that have been made up about me. But unbelievably, we were sold out 10 days after launching Huddah Cosmetics.”

The lady who also calls herself ‘the boss chick’ surprised many after she transformed from “posting bikini pictures online” to seriously venturing into business.

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