Popular TV Anchor Welcomes Second Born Child (Photos)

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Popular TV anchor Ben Kitili and Amina Mude his wife have been blessed with their second born baby. They have named the new born Roman Hami Kitili.

The excited father took to Instagram to share the good news with his fans. In his announcement post, Ben shared an adorable photo of baby Roman.

“Another rock for my sling. Roman Hami Kitili. Named Kitili after his grandfather and great, great grandfather, Kitili wa Muthengi, a legend who had 33 wives. Baby and mother @amina_mude are well. We thank God,” he captioned his post.

The love birds officiated their marriage in November last year at the Attorney General’s office and thereafter they held a modest invites only ceremony which was attended by close family and friends.

Their union has received wide criticism owed to the fact it consists of a mix of two religions: Ben is a Christian while his wife is Muslim. A section of the Muslim population have raised concerns on their union citing that it violates the sharia which prohibits a Muslim woman from marrying a Christian man.

The news presenter responded to the bashers saying that God is more important than religion. He added, “To those who are not so welcoming we forgive you. You have a constitutional right to your opinion. However, should any of you cross the line against the law, like I said, I’ll protect my family with my all.”

Featured Image Courtesy: Instagram



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