Nlikuwa Mtu Wa Nameless Wa Mkono- MC Jessy Shares His Grass To Grace Story

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Funny man Jasper Muthomi alias MC Jessy has revealed how a celebrated Kenyan couple, Wahu Kagwi and Nameless were supportive of him when he still used to struggle to make ends meet.

The comedian spoke during ‘Churchill Show’, while celebrating Wahu who had won ‘Video of The Year’ Award by Groove. He disclosed how Wahu used to give him clothes belonging to Nameless.

“One thing that I appreciate the Mathenge’s for, is that they used to invite us into their house and Wahu was the one would tell me to pick a cloth in their bedroom. I usually picked Nameless’s jeans and t-shirts. Imagine Nameless was well-built compared to a skinny me, but they still used to fit me,” Jessy disclosed.

Unknown to many the comedian was a salonist before venturing into comedy and he used to fix Nameless’s dreadlocks. He further revealed that he even fixed Wahu’s hair during their wedding day and it is then when he got an opportunity to sleep in a Five Star Hotel for the first time.

Jessy reveals that Nameless and Wahu did not have a clue of how his poor background was. “I usually took meat at Wahu’s place and anytime someone asked me where I ate meat last, I told them at Nameless place,” Jessy further divulged.

In his conclusion, the humorist passed his heartfelt gratitude to the the celebrity couple. “Always know someone somewhere is praying for you two, that you may never part so that when I come over at your place, I don’t take clothes, instead, I get money,” Jessy said on a lighter note.

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