Otile Brown Gifts Ethiopian Fiancee’ With Brand New Car (Video)

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Jacob Obunga known to many as Otile brown has bought his Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet a brand new car. He took to Instagram to make known his new move that has headlined Kenyan tabloids. Excited Otile shared videos of his receiving the car on his Instagram status.

In one of the posts, the ‘Chaguo la moyo’ singer in a post wrote, “Kazi kwako, jifunze barabara za Kenya (It’s now your work, learn how to drive on Kenyan roads).”

An elavated Nabayet appreciated Otile for the gift in an Instagram post where she wrote, “So I took my new car out for a spin, thank you thank you babe.”

Lovestruck Otile Brown introduced Nabayet to his Insta fans on March this year. A look into the lass’s instagram bio reveals that she partly lives in Australia.

Otile’s move comes hot on the heels after he bought Jovial, a new artiste under his music label Just In Love Music a new Mazda Demio to help her move around.

The singer made it known through his social media posts where he wrote, “Mtoto mkali na anaimba ajabu.. i bless you with this small moti to help carry you around.. they ain’t ready for you .. And by the way @jovialmusic_ is kenyan, born and raised in Mombasa .. let’s support her #zichune ft @jovialmusic_ link on YouTube #justinlovemusic#wegotnothingbutlove.”

Featured Image Courtesy: Instagram



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