Horoscope for the week of June 24th

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This week is going to be one of your best weeks. Those working, your consistent hard work will finally pay off hence boost your confidence, those in the business industry will gain financially and everyone, in general, will initiate their postponed projects.

By the end of the week, you’ll befriend your self and witness how your outer reality transforms with you.


The week will begin with a few speed bumps, especially in the finance department. You’re required to be careful about your expenses and not to rush investing in any new business.

In between the week, you might feel unwell due to overworking your mind so you’re required to stay calm, control the situations and most important take care of your health.

Those in relationships should avoid controversies.



This week blessings are coming your way. The light from the moon will light up your life and the good things will start to happen but your ego might ruin them, so be careful about it.

Your colleagues and clients will support you and your business. Your business will flourish again.




Eish, good news to all the single people out there you may find your soul mates this week. You’ll defeat your opponents and enemies. Most of you will get a promotion at work due to hard work and decisions in legal matters may turn into your favour.




This week you’ll be stunningly sexy, your sexiness will make you irresistible to money, opportunities and power. Your week will be full of happiness and your lifestyle will improve hence you’ll spend on your family and friends.

Lovers will enjoy each moment they spend together while singles will find a good match.





This week you’ll be seeking the peace of mind, the light of the moon will help you focus on yourself as you wisely think of how to use your energy and time. Remember not to waste your energy on arrogance and proudness.

Your disputes with your family members and your spouse are likely to be solved.


You’ll start your week in a polite note, your choice of words will help people around you be able to solve their differences. You’ll start to create the life you’ve always dreamed of, your business will get a boost financially and you will get new stuff for your house.




This week you’ll go through situations that will make you learn the importance of harmony. The things you most adored will be taken away from you, with all this chaos, you’ll learn to be calm and how to deal with different circumstances.

You’ll not keep track of your money because you may end up buying worthless stuff to maintain your social status.



This is a good week, you’ll enjoy a good vitality and healthy both at work and at home. Your healthy relationship with people will give you benefits in terms of business.

If you’ll be looking for a job, you’ll find your suitable job. Love birds will be sharing a good time.



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