The 5 Different Office Personalities And How To Handle Them

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This world is filled with different kinds of people who have different personalities and how to deal with them is always a challenge.

Especially the office which has all kinds of personalities it can be difficult to satisfy all of them. While you can try and get along with them, one a day you’ll feel offended by one.

Here are the 5 types of people at work and how you can work with them.

1. The Paranoid

The paranoid type is always afraid of being fired, full of negative vibes and wants to make everyone feel frustrated with their work.

They do so by questioning everyone’s motives and predicting the negative outcome of projects.

How to handle them:

  • Be careful with your choice of words
  • Get the facts right about every project going on
  • Don’t allow their negative thoughts to ruin your work

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2. The Busy Bee

As the name suggests, this kind of people spend a lot of hours in the office and are always active at work. The busy bee kind of personalities will never be spotted idling, hence they often lead the rest because their work is believed to beat the set deadlines.

How to handle them:
  • Be-friend such people
  • Share positive thoughts with them
  • Exhibit similar characteristics

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