The 5 Different Office Personalities And How To Handle Them

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3. The ‘Better’ Type

This type of office personality will always find a ‘better’ solution to everything going on. They are keen and pay close attention to every detail.

They can be very frustrating because of their tendencies to control every situation, trying to offer a ‘better’ solution and having impossibly high standards for their colleagues.


How to handle them:
  • In such a case, maintain silence and a smile
  • Listen to them and not argue
  • Allow them to express themselves fully

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4. The Starters


The starters are those individuals who have been working with the company from the start or have worked for the company for the longest time.

They know it all, they know how the company works and can explain everything in detail. They are viewed as part of the company.

How to handle them:
  • Network with them
  • Appreciate the effort they take to inform you about the company
  • Frequently talk to them, they will help when you’re in trouble

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5. Don’t Care Type

As the name suggests, these type of people are quick to distract everyone at the office, they are attention seekers. They are up and down talking to everyone, sharing funny memes and anything that is not work-related.

They barely beat their work deadlines and are not afraid of being fired.

How to handle them:
  • Politely explain to them you have work to do
  • Explain your schedule to them
  • Be friends with them but let them understand how important your working time is

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