Your Horoscope For The First Week Of July, 2019

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This week expect to make some unforgettable memories thanks to an eclipse and Mercury retrograde.

Monday will bring you that feeling of emotional intelligence. You might start feeling confident, more straightforward, more direct with your desire.

Tuesday will be dramatic, powerful and intense, so expect some doors to close while others open.

On Wednesday as Venus enters Cancer you’ll feel inspired to love those who make you feel safe.

Thursday you’ll experience a change in the things you’ve been yearning for.

Friday will give you the happiness you deserve to welcome the weekend, therefore, you can treat your heart peacefully, and others’ hearts, too.

Saturday and Sunday will be serving up summer drama, mischief, and fun.


This week, you’ll need to stay humble, brave and resilient. These three attributes will be of great help to you. Some people might force you to work against your real needs, believes and the things you care about.

But be keen on who you trust and in case you’re in the middle of a conflicting situation, don’t rush to make a decision, move with care.

Note: Don’t let yourself be rushed—not by other people, and not by your roaring desires, either.




This week you’ll be learning the importance of speaking and listening skills. You’ll confront the things that make you feel vulnerable and you’ll learn to appreciate the little you have.

You’ll learn the importance of respecting peoples boundaries and what it means.

NOTE: You’ll be redrawing your boundaries for what you’ll accept or not.




This week you’ll feel secure about the things and the decisions you make. You’ll find people sharing their opinions about the values worth holding but it will be upon you to know what is right for you.

The world is full of negative energy so it is up to you to set the right boundaries for yourself.

Note: Mercury will retrograde in your thinking and speaking zone about your self-care, so keep your assumptions in check and mind how you spend your money.



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