Bob Collymore’s Heartwarming Message To Eric Omondi During His Lowest Moment

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Funnyman Eric Omondi has opened up on how former Safaricom boss Bob Collymore sent him a comforting message when the world was against him.

In the message, the cooperate titan lauded him for apologizing to the public for doing something that was not wrong.

“Hi Eric Just a private note. You did well to apologies. Those of us in the public eye do more harm when they stay quiet. Having said that, I agree with Njoki Chege’s piece in the Nation today. I don’t think you did anything wrong. My friend Richard Branson once did a launch in the Nude, we all chucled and moved on. Comeday is a tricky area where you have to push the boundaries from time to time and go beyond pulling funny faces and doing silly voices. You are a master of your craft and will continue to have my admiration as a comedy artist. Continue to push the envelope because it’s only by doing so that you will remain Kenya’s funnies comedia. All the Best. Bob,” reads the message from Bob.

On March 3rd, Eric Omondi’s video went viral on social media where he was seen swimming naked with kids in River Turkwel in Turkana. The video received wide criticisms prompting Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua to condemn Eric’s act which he said violated the rights of children.

The comedian has disclosed that after the video went viral a few corporates that were to sponsor his inaugural Stadium tour stopped picking his calls.

Eric Omondi’s revelations comes after radio presenter Jalang’o divulged that the fallen hero bought him his first suit.
Jalang’o who is know for often rocking green suits narrated how Bob ordered for his first green suit after he was hired to host Safaricom Live concerts. With time he adopted it as his signature look.

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