Horoscope For The Week Of July 8th

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This week features a clashing of authority figures and an oppositional showdown.

You’re required to stay non-reactive, responsible, and clear on the actions you take.


This week, you’ll have more people on your domestic scene. You may feel confused about your love life, therefore, you’re required to not only trust your instincts but also apply your intelligence.

Note: This week your career performance may be boosted by your new ways of thinking.




This week you may get involved in philosophic groups that will enlighten you.

Family gathering and outdoor activities will make you feel happy and secure with the people you love the most.

NOTE: In all that, make decisions that give you joy and peace of mind.




This week someone may want to damage your reputation. Don’t be quick to react, you need to take time and think through the whole situation.

Note: It may turn to be tough but keep it real and true to yourself.



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