Horoscope For The Week Of July 8th

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This week visitors are likely to drop by, so be kind to them.

You may feel like having a good time, look for ways to spoil yourself but avoid overindulgences.

NOTE: It is all about romance and manifestation of your birthday wishes, go have fun!


This week you may feel uncertain about your feelings.

Don’t rush to make final decisions on important issues, take time think through and come up with viable solutions.

NOTE: Take care of your emotional and physical needs.


This week you may feel bombarded with ideas.

Speak about them to the right people and don’t shy of promoting them despite what they think about them.

NOTE: You’ll feel helpful, visit someone who has been feeling unwell lately.




This week expect a heavy workload.

With it, you’ll turn out productive and at the end accomplish things you never thought about.

NOTE: Be keen about the people you choose to trust.




This week may be chaotic, therefore, don’t take anything too seriously.

It will pass and leave you energized for the next move.

NOTE: You may feel imperfect but don’t let that kill your self-esteem.





This week you may feel lonely and insecure because of the stress you’ve been having lately.

The weekend will sum up and give you the pleasure of enjoying romantic times with your partner.

NOTE: Start honest conversations with the people you love to avoid trust issues.


This week you will make money if only you provide workable solutions to the problems the people in your area are facing.

On relationship, you will overcome your fears, trust issues and defences relating to intimacy.

NOTE: Whatever you got through this week, learn from it.




This week you’ll overwork yourself and that may lead to exhaustion. Take a break while working and have enough sleep.

You may also find yourself in the limelight for the wrong reasons.

NOTE: During the weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your life progress and plan for what’s next.


This week you may be faced with an opposition inspiring you to stand alone.

During the weekend, you may want to keep it real by speaking the truth with your loved ones.

NOTE: Don’t betray yourself just because you want to please people.

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