Romantic Restaurants In Nairobi For The Perfect Date

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Everyone deserves to have a taste of those soap opera romantic tales. And that’s what Kenya is, a place to relax, discover and let love soar.

Nairobi being the centre of interest and the main city, you get the opportunity to explore a variety of lovey-dovey restaurants while creating memories with your loved one.

From romantic walks with roses all over the place to thrilling escapades, here are five romantic restaurants you should take your loved ones.

1.Tamambo Karen Blixen Restaurant

Ever dreamt of unwinding with the love of your life away from the bustling city and you’ve no idea where to go?

Look no more, (we know it sounds like an advert, but we got you) Tamambo Karen Blixen is an ideal place to hang out with your partner and enjoy tantalizing dishes.

The most famous Grogan house within the restaurant is a lovely space with beautiful lights and flowers perfect for couples.

It is located at Karen Blixen garden along Karen road Nairobi, in case you need more details contact: 0719 346349

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Tamambo Karen Blixen

Image Courtesy: Tamambo Karen Blixen

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Tamambo Karen Blixen

Image Courtesy: Tamambo Karen Blixen

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