This Nyama Choma Hub Is The Perfect Getaway (REVIEW)

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When you ask a Nairobian where they go for Nyama choma, a favorite delicacy, they are more likely to mention Kitengela as their choma base.


Nyama choma which literally means “roasted meat” is delicacy enjoyed by most Kenyans and it is valued a lot which is why its is mostly a preserve for special occasions. Many people will nod to having been brought up with the scintillating taste of the grilled meat and they have learnt to appreciate the delicacy.


By default, most nyama chomas are made of goat meat but beef and chicken are also quite common.


I am a nyama choma fanatic and I often go to Kitengela to enjoy the delicious meal. The place remains my favorite choma base because of its apt location which is away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi town. It also offers one of the best nyama choma around.


While the meal can be served alongside other dishes like ugali, french fries and mashed potatoes, I prefer it being served as a standalone but with a bit of kachumbari which basically is a cocktail of chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro, sometimes avocado.



Owing to the burgeoning nyama choma business in Kitengela which is a Nairobi satellite town, the town is growing really fast. Kitengela has more than 200 butcheries capitalizing on the nyama choma business that employs more than 100,000 people directly or indirectly.


The good road network to Kitengela has made it a preferred destination for many people because it takes a few minutes to get there. I normally make a call to order for the meat to be ready, so that by the time I get there, it’s ready. It takes about 50 minutes to have the meat ready.


Every time I go to Kitengela, I come across so many people, who like me, go to the populous town for eat-out parties. Notably, majority of the people are normally hanging out with their friends or family.


Featured Image Courtesy: Kenyan Monitor



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