Safety Alert: There Is A Local Gang That is Looting People On The Riara Road

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Riara Road, which is the residential place for many expatriates in Nairobi, has become a hot spot for looting them. A gang from Kawangware has been allegedly operating in the area and robbing people in the neighbourhood. At least two such incidents have been noticed in the last ten days.

In both incidents, the gang made women their target and in broad daylight. They have been known to carry knives with them for mugging. The rear side of ‘The Junction Mall’ which has many apartments in a row is house to people staying on rentals and often access the mall for groceries and other utilities. All this is happening at a place known for tight private security.

The gang comes in a group of three to four and nabs unsuspecting passerby, taking away cash, phones and even their national Ids. The incidents take place in front of people who are either unaware or scared of the gang. If the security guards posted near the societies are to be believed, a few miscreants have been identified by the police.

People living around Riara Road are advised to be more vigilant while coming and leaving The Junction Mall. It would be ideal not to venture out alone and be accompanied by someone till the menace stops.


Feature image courtesy: informationcradle



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