New Kenyan Artists To Watch Out For In 2019

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We’re just getting into the second half of 2019 and the Kenyan music industry is experiencing tremendous changes.

Since the days when the hashtag #PlayKenyanMusic was both a debate online and on different TV and radio stations – the industry is thriving quite well.

Such growth has been visible with the high rate of new musicians entering the entertainment scene in Kenya and bringing their A-game which is earning them some good publicity.

Hit after hit, Banger after banger na Collabos kibao yaani revellers ni kujinice tu! Go to any club any day of the week and you’ll hear new amazing songs with a Kenyan vibe.

Ethic Entertainment has partly changed the Kenyan music scene (representing what most Millenials like)  and added some authenticity, they have opened doors (most of them have been widely known since Ethic broke the internet with their hit – Lamba lolo) for other groups like sailors, BOONDOCKS Gang, Gwaash etc.

Not just Ethic, artists like Tanasha Donna, Nadia Mukami, Magix Enga, Masauti, Amani G, Ochungulo Family, Nelly the goon, Zzero Sufuri and many more others are doing their thing by taking their seats on the table.

These artists have shown what they are capable of doing and so far so good, their works are gaining extremely good viewership and of course going for a gig after gigs.

Despite the variant opinions across social media platforms, team positive with positive vibes is taking the lead as they support their own and wish them the very best in their music journies.

Here are the new musicians in the Kenyan music industry redefining the Kenyan beat vibe.

1. Ethic Entertainment

Here is their latest single dubbed ‘Figa’ that features Kamene Goro – a media personality, who partly triggered conversations online as to why she featured as their main video vixen.

Figa is 3- weeks old but it has half the views of their hit song ‘ Lamba Lolo’ which is one year old with 3.6M views.

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