New Kenyan Artists To Watch Out For In 2019

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4. Zzero Sufuri

Zzero Sufuri is the artist behind the hit song,’ Zimenishika’ that has also gained a lot of attention and liking among millennials in Kenya.

And that’s why he has made it to our list of Kenyan artists to watch out in 2019. Currently, the song has 1.2M views in just 2 months – encouraging growth for a new artist in this industry.


BOONDOCKS gang is made up of Kid Furnace, Ex Ray and Edu Maddox who have proved to be worth it – and made it to our list of new artists to watch out in 2019.

With their latest remix,’Rieng Remix’ featuring VDJ Jone, Kristoff and Rankaddah, It has quite attracted a good viewership and with the gigs and all the media tours they are having we’re hoping they keep the good graph.

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