Manu Chandaria Officiates Marriage With Wife After 64 Years (Photos)

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Billionaire businessman Manu Chandaria has today officiated his marriage with wife Aruna Chandaria at the Attorney General’s Chambers in Nairobi.

The tycoon who is 90 years old and his wife, Aruna 85 years old, decided to formalise their union in a civil marriage after 64 years.

The love birds were excited as they exchanged rings before friends and family who were in attendance.

Manu Chandaria, who is also the CEO of Kenyan-based steel and aluminium group Comcraft, did confess that love fades with time further stressing that one has to compromise to have a happy marriage.

“64 (years) is a long time, and the only thing is that how comes it has continued. It’s because of giving and take from both sides and consideration for each other.”

“Love drives off after some time, but consideration of each other always makes life a possibility. She (Aruna) is 85, and I am 90, but she has the last word” Chandaria said recently in an interview with K24.

In the same interview, the business mogul revealed that he only has five suits, two belts. “In my wardrobe, there are five suits and three jackets. One new suit comes in; another goes out. I give them out,” he said.

The two, both with Indian descent, were born in Kenya but later separated after going to India during World War II. Fate gave them another chance, and they met in Kenya in 1952 and rejuvenated their love.

Images Courtesy: The Standard



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