How To Properly Kiss Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

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Do you even know how to kiss or you imagine you know and don’t care much about it?

Kissing is as important as sex. Just like foreplay, kissing has its precedents.

Never rush into kissing, let the vibe, atmosphere and moment absorb and the kiss will automatically flow when it feels right.

Wacha kujipea aibu by quickly rushing to kiss someone out of the blues. Relax and take a deep breath, know what precedents what before kissing someone.

Do not rush to put the dingdong’ in. Unfortunately, many people are not keen about the importance of smooching, they forget once they start having sex.

Bad Move!

And that is why we’ve prepared 6 expert tips on how to kiss properly:

1. How to use your teeth

Have you seen someone who has been bitten by teeth in the process of being kissed? It looks bad!

  • Rule number one, be as gentle as possible
  • Do not bite him, compassionately hold him right and slightly enough to kiss him
  • When applying your teeth, make sure they are straightforward to avoid accidental bites
  • Remember how you nibble on his lips and apply that in a sexier way
  •  Gently press his top or bottom lip between your teeth slowly run your teeth over his lips for a different sensation.
2. How to position your head

You don’t rush and strangle someones son’s neck without knowing how to correctly kiss him.

  • Rule number one, do not only focus on one side of your man’s face
  • Make sure you’re comfortable
  • Avoid nervousness
  • Avoid kissing head on
  • Tilt your head to perfectly position your lips on his lips

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3. How to kiss him in other places besides his lips

Most people kiss on the lips and tend to forget the other places.

  • Do not exhaust the lips – you might end up turning the colour of his lips (haha – lol)
  • You can kiss him on the neck, cheeks, hands and ears
  • Once you’re aware of the sensitive erogenous zones on his body; gently kiss him
  • On the ears, softly lick and kiss him
  • On the neck, start by a kiss in between be nibbling, sucking and massaging him



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