How To Properly Kiss Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

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4. How to let him know your intentions

This is the ultimate goal. Therefore, the way you kiss should indicate your intentions.

  • You can directly share your thoughts (Should be the last option)
  • Send him signals – let him know what’s on your mind
  • Stop fully focusing on his eyes and face and start paying more attention to his lips for once in a while
  • Whatever you’re discussing you should be into it that when you glance at his lips, he’ll notice you and know what’s on your mind
  • Most of the times, it can be so mutual; he surprises and kisses you first
  • If you were in a discussion and the temperatures are getting to high, you can slow the speed of talking and slightly lean close to him
  • If it is mutual enough, he’ll move closer to you and he will follow suit

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Note: Do not do everything, guide him by kissing him first but let him continue the kissing. If you notice it is about to get boring switch things up and start to change tactics.

5. How to prepare yourself for the kiss

We’re not saying you go looking for a person and start practising beforehand.

  • Make sure you look kissable, look like you’re ready for that damn kiss!
  • You can get yourself a good lip balm so that your lips are soft and tender
  • Yes, lipstick is attractive but can leave marks on clothes and get smudged all over your mouth
6. Practice makes perfect

There is always a first time for everything. It might feel unrealistic at first but after a couple of times, it will be easier and more natural.


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