Collymore’s ‘Boys Club’ Finds Uhuru’s Special Whisky After Global Search

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After an intense global search, Collymore’s ‘boys club’ has finally landed on the special whiskey that was to be gifted to President Uhuru by late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.

Collymore had reserved the president a bottle of Johnnie Walker Directors Blend which is sold at Ksh 460,000 in the Kenyan market. After the President failed to attend a date with Bob, members of the boys club did not hesitate to gulp down the expensive whisky.

The ‘boys club’ which has now gained popularity is made up of Citizen TV News Anchor Jeff Koinange, Radio Africa Group CEO Patrick Quarcoo, Kenya Commercial Bank CEO Joshua Oigara, British High Commissioner Nic Hailey, Scan group CEO Bharat Thakrar, businessman Ally Khan Satchu and politician Peter Kenneth.

Earlier during Collymore’s memorial service, the President expressed disappointment for having not returned to Bob’s house to fetch his ‘special gift.’ “I was supposed to have gone back to collect my gift reserved for a special friend from Bob and so Peter Kenneth, Oigara and crew; you will pay. That did not belong to you.”

The seven friends will now be able to pay their debt after they found the whisky which was shipped from Amsterdam.

Speaking during his mother’s memorial service, Peter Kenneth, a member of the boys club and a former Presidential aspirant revealed that the special whisky was the last one available globally.

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