Clear Signs That He Is Cheating On You

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Cheating is the ultimate form of betrayal in relationships. After one is cheated, it usually is hard to forgive and forget as the trust, which is crucial in relationships, is already broken.

Unfaithfulness is a rampant challenge that many people grapple within relationships, and most of the time we are unable to read the telltale signs that we are being cheated on. Here are some clear signs that a partner could be cheating:

He has major mood swings

A cheating partner will tend to have frequent mood swings. Often, this is because, when the other person fails to respond to their message, somehow you will see a disappointed look on their face. The hungry or jovial face mood is often intense which makes it easily noticeable. Also, the guilt that comes with cheating may show on their face.

He’s on his phone or online more than usual or puts his phone on airplane mode

When you partner is always online and not replying to your DMs as fast as he usually does, chances are some other person is entertaining him enough to put you aside.

Be worried also when his phone is always on airplane mode when you are with him/her because this could mean that he does not want you to see the messages he receives from his other partner.

If he suddenly becomes shitty in his communication, in that, he does not reply your calls or messages on time, there is a high chance he is distracted and giving the other party more attention.

He’s suddenly very busy with work or needs a lot of privacy

Know he may be cheating on you when he is suddenly swamped and often claims to travel out of town. There are very high chances he is leaving you to spend time with the other person.

When he starts saying he needs privacy, it could be he has a clandestine somewhere, this is because when men cheat, their ability to maintain their privacy is an important part of keeping up the illusion of their innocence.

He has a lot of unsaved numbers on his phone

A cheating man will do anything to ensure you don’t find out, including keeping contacts in digits form so that it will always look like a new number. The more calls he receives in numbers form, the more chances he has multiple partners

He accuses you of cheating, overreacts when you confront and condemns the cheating act

A common thing all cheating men do is accusing their partners that they are cheating on them. It has been proven that people tend to blame their accusers of what they’re doing as a way to avert blame and guilt as well as block the chances of being doubted.

Sometimes, they initiate the cheating issue out of the blues and condemn it, this is a defense mechanism for them and a survival tactic for their indiscretions. That way, they can deal with guilt, inner conflict, and is also a way of convincing themselves that they are faithful.

Additionally, if he overreacts when you confront him with cheating allegations, there is a possibility that he is cheating.

He keeps lying to you

If he lies to you repeatedly, chances are he is unfaithful. This is because cheating men always have to cover tracks even if it means coming up with a lie to hide what he did and coming up with another lie to protect that lie. It could be lying about where they are, who they are with, etc

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