What Men Want: The Typical Girl Every Kenyan Man Is Dying To Have

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Men are different and tend to prefer their girlfriends to possess different traits. However, there are some universal traits that most men are looking for in their ‘dream girls’.

Want to up your game in the dating scene and increase your dateability? Here is how you can be the woman every guy wants!

Learn To Be A Good Listener

Listening enables one to connect with people, and it creates a bond, and when you talk to someone who listens, you tend to feel understood and safe.

If you always pay attention to what he says, you make him feel a deep personal connection to you, and that makes him want to bring your lives closer together. Guys will bond with people whom they find ease in opening up to.

Offer A Shoulder To Cry On

Guys have feelings, and often they can be vulnerable and even behave like children, especially those moments when push comes to shove. They need someone whom they can share their challenges and mysteries with and not feel exposed.

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Men always wish to be with someone who takes care of them. Try and be that lady a man would want to come home to. Be keen to check on him when he is down and always be ready to offer him a shoulder to lean on. Thank us later!

Being Smart Is Key

No man wants a damn woman! Men wish to have a smart woman who is sobber enough to take the lead. Men get pissed off with the type of women who always take a back seat because they will always go with the flow. Men want to be challenged and directed often. As the famous saying goes, ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman,’ and that woman is a smart one.

There is a thin line between being smart and being ‘the-know-it-all’ always know the difference. Men do not wish for this time of woman because they will think she’s conceited. An intelligent woman knows when to talk and when to be mum.

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You Gotta Slay, Be A Fashionista

Every guy dreams of a girl who has some fashion sense. Dress well, and he will fall hard. Women who dress beautifully get a lot of guys hit on them because they are irresistible. Men easily fall for women who wear decent clothes: not always super covered or barely wearing anything.

Confidence Counts

Confidence is a crucial trait men look out for in women. Men want to date women who they can walk around with even with events without feeling ashamed. They want to feel how it is to have a strong lady by their side.

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The kind of woman who when worn out, do not show it. Confidence translates to believing in yourself and your value. If you do not believe in your value, nobody will. Just try acting this way and see!

Be An Independent Woman

A woman who is able to take care of herself emotionally, physically and financially is the new sexy! Live your life without being dependent or clingy. Know how to be affectionate but do not overdo it because you will be getting into his space.

Be The Fearless Adventurer

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We all wish to be with someone who knows how to socialize and have fun, mad fun for that matter. It is not bad to stay home doing nothing all day, but be the woman who would be fun to go out with, be good at socialising and a daredevil once in a while.

Develop A Sense of Humor

Most ninjas wish to have a girl who makes them laugh and laugh hard. Life is never that serious, and with a funny partner, it will always be fun and exciting. It is impossible to flirt without laughing. Try and develop a sense of humor and have a little bit of fun with it and trust me, you will come here for more advice!

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