Most Followed African Celebrities On Instagram 2019

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Well, we all know you can’t wake up and become the most followed person on Instagram, you have to put in extra work. And that is why not all celebrities have massive followers.

Especially on Instagram, most followed celebrities have taken an extra mile and appealingly packaged their art and through their passion, they have managed to attract huge numbers of followers.

It may look quite easy but wait until you see behind the scenes; the struggles, the efforts and all the hard work involved to get the perfect shot.

Instagram is all about the perfect shot, the perfect angle, the eye-catching image, it’s the presentation. And those who are gurus in this manage to draw maximum attention.

Yes, you can be a celebrity and not have a huge number of followers maybe it’s because of the inconsistency in posting or you’re not appealing enough.

Here is a list of the most followed African celebrities, number of followers and their Instagram handles:

1. Mohamed Salah @mosalah  30.6M

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Mosalah

2. Davido Adeleke @davidoofficial 11.9M

Image Courtesy: Instagram/davidoofficial 

3. Lupita Nyong’o @lupitanyongo 8M

Image Courtesy: Instagram/lupitanyongo

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4. Wizkid @wizkidayo 8M

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Wizkidayo

5. Didier Drogba @didierdrogba 7.9M

Image Courtesy: Instagram/didierdrogba



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