How To Keep Fit In Your 30s

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As you age, you lose muscle mass and bone density due to lessening levels of important hormones and of course, the truth is you’re growing older and weaker.

That shouldn’t scare you because you got the power in your hands – the key to ageing like fine wine. The secret is simple, take care of your body now.

If you begin your fitness journey now that’s a plus for you because you’ll not put in lots of efforts. But still, if you’re in your 30s you can look and feel awesome.

Below are tips to help you stay muscular and strong in your 30s:

1. How to strengthen your muscles
  • After age 30 if you’ve been physically inactive, you’re likely to lose as much as 3-5% of your muscle per decade. To avoid that, it is advisable you become physically active and watch the amounts of proteins in and out.
  • At age 30, men get quite busy with lots of responsibilities at work as well as home. If you’re lifting weights to cut down excess body fats then you might be stripping yourself important proteins responsible for bodybuilding.
  • At this age, you need more protein intake than you think, therefore, strive to eat complete protein sources, such as fish, chicken, eggs, whey proteins and yoghurt.
  • Enough protein intake will help delay loss of muscle mass.
  • As busy as you may get, find time to exercise and make sure to eat enough proteins either in the form of whole foods or drinks – just find a way out.

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