5 Things Every Woman Must Carry In Her Handbag

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Unlike men who can go about their daily businesses carrying a tiny wallet, women cannot leave the house without their purse.

Not only do they carry it for fashion purposes but also carry along their important pieces of stuff – that play a big role in their day to day lives.

Besides the important stuff like identity documents, keys, safety pins, notebook, pen and wallet there are assorted other must-haves every woman needs to carry.

Here is the list of the 5 things every woman must have:

1. Zippered pouches

You need at least three of these pouches; one for first aid items, the other for beauty items and the third one for small documents like receipts and important papers.

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2. Hand sanitizer

Women get involved in doing a lot of things from shopping at the grocery, meeting a client and God knows the kind of germs they get in contact with. This is an essential item for every woman and should never miss in your handbag.

Image Courtesy:www.myhealthscoop.com


3. Breath mints/freshener

Bad breath? No.  Always carry either breathe mint or freshener.


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4. Perfume

Maintain a fresh and lovely smell all day by carrying this essential.

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5. Sanitary towel/Tampon

You’ll understand why this is a very essential item for every woman. Whether you know your days or not, carry this essential.

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N/B: We’re not pushing any of these products, its just an illustration.


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