Coffee Lovers! Rejoice! Java House Is Offering Its Coffee For 20 Bob

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Restaurant chain Java House is celebrating 20 years since its launch in Kenya in 1999. As it celebrates its anniversary, the eatery has unveiled a surprising offer for its customers.

Through its twitter account, Java House announced that will offer its coffee for Ksh 20 on August 7th. A cup of coffee normally goes for about Ksh, 180 on normal days.


Coffee lovers will have the chance to indulge in their favourite drink almost for free!

The Coffee culture in Kenya is growing with the growing middle class. The demand for coffee continues to increase depicted by the fast-rising number of coffee shops in the country.

Now more than ever, more and more young people continue to embrace a coffee date as opposed to a date over a beer.

Unlike a few years ago where coffee was popular with the rich, coffee is now widely consumed by the middle class.

Featured Image Courtesy: Daily Coffee News



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