Queue-Jumping Days Are Over-This Technology Enables Bartenders Know Who To Serve Next

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As we go about our day-to-day activities, we are often confronted with queues. In banks, restaurants, hospitals, Huduma centers, just to mention but a few, we normally make queues, the queues could be long and snaky, which makes it more exasperating.

Truth is, nobody likes queuing it is just that most of the time, its the only fair way to handle masses eager to be served.

But come to think of it, most of the time, it is the imagination of having to line up and be crammed between people. The thought itself is what annoys more. One professor Richard Larson agrees with me here. He once said, “Often the psychology of queuing is more important than the statistics of the wait itself.”

One thing that sucks the most in the queuing process is when someone comes from your back and elbow their way to the front and jump the queue with the intention of being served first. Well, that has been a thing but it seems, it is just about to be an act of the past, this is thanks to technology.

British data science company DataSparQ has come up with a system that uses facial recognition technology to determine the structure of queues, and determine which customers are next in line to be served. The AI Bar system comprises three parts: a camera, a display screen, internet connection, and DataSparQ’s software.

The system shows a live video of everyone waiting to be served, it is placed strategically to record everyone who is queuing. A number appears above each customer’s head while placing a circle. It then shows them the estimated wait time before they get served.

Featured Image Courtesy: cnn.com



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