Horoscope For The Week Of August 5

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This is your time to shine, so apply for that job and get ready to be noticed by your crushes.

You may feel full of confidence and more productive on Wednesday.

NOTE: Plan for creative activities over the weekend and get ready to have fun.


Your family relationships are likely to get better this week.

Don’t be too fixed on your routine and be open to changes.

Even though you may feel restless, your social life will be amazing.

NOTE: Religion may play a big part in your life this week.


It may be impossible to avoid conflict on Wednesday, but be confident and speak up to clear up any issues.

You may be extra productive all week and get lots of praise because of this.

NOTE: Try not to overthink stuff this week!


Career success is yours this week and you may have better relationships with your coworkers.

Try to slow down and spend some quiet time with your loved ones.

NOTE: Some income opportunities may be coming your way this week.

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