Horoscope For The Week Of August 5

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If you wanted to start something new, this may be the best time to do it.

You may be very good at your work this week, but take care to watch your workload and avoid stress.

NOTE: You may be really lucky.


It may be a good time for love and intimacy, so keep yourself open to all the options.

You may need to let go of the things holding you back and let your confidence and creativity shine this week.

NOTE: Don’t be too hard on yourself.


You may need to watch what you say this week, especially if you’re speaking in anger.

Your work may be affected by low input but don’t let that affect your mood.

You may travel this week.

NOTE: Spend time with friends.


Your communication skills are likely to improve this week.

At work, things will go smoothly for you.

NOTE: Expect a career boost.



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