The Girl’s Guide Of Dressing For This Kinda Sunny Weather

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Don’t you just hate it when the day starts really hot but then it abruptly gets really cold in the afternoon when your not prepared? Say goodbye to those ‘freeze-and-shine’ days and take a look at our outfit picks for this iffy Nairobi weather.

Courtesy: Kilimall

The beauty about dresses is that they can be worn anywhere and always look good. Have a long sleeved dress or two handy and you’ll be set whether it’s hot or cold.

Whether it’s a nice pair of jeans, official trousers or yoga pants, pants are great for staying cool and keeping warm at the same time.


Make sure that you always have a sweater with you. Even when it’s sunny, a lightweight sweater will go a long way to protect you from the elements should the weather change suddenly.

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