Kenyan Lawmaker Kicked Out Of Parliament For Bringing Her Child

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There was drama at the National Assembly yesterday when Kwale Women representative Zulekha Hassan was kicked out of chambers for coming to the parliamentary proceedings with her baby.

Courtesy: Twitter

When asked why she did it, she stated that due to an emergency, there had been no other option but to come to work with the 5-month old child. She lamented the lack of a nursery or creche within parliament building where she could leave her child.

Zulekha was ordered to leave by the deputy speaker who was relying on the house rule, which states that strangers are not allowed inside the chambers, including children. Female legislators present also chose to walk out with her in solidarity.

The live proceedings which were broadcast on KBC sparked a lot of interest. Kenyans on Twitter were quick to condemn the action and call for changes in how female lawmakers with children were treated within parliament.


Featured Image Courtesy: Daily Nation 




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