Horoscope For The Week Of August 12

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You may be irresistible this week, so be open to a new romantic relationship or the deepening of an existing one. 

Your finances look good this week, and you may experience financial freedom.

NOTE: Your confidence may be high, so do what will bring you the greatest reward.


Health may be very important this week, so get on a self-care strategy involving yoga and meditation for your peace of mind.

It may be time for new beginnings in your love life.

NOTE: You may be full of energy this week.


It may be time to tie up loose ends and get closure in your relationships.

Your social life may be very busy this week and it will be difficult to find a moment to yourself.

NOTE: It may be the perfect time for romance.


Let your work shine this week, and don’t be afraid to tell others about what you do.

Your family relationships and friendships may improve during this period.

NOTE: Travel opportunities may be coming your way.

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