Where Are The Boys? Polish Village Where Girls Take New Roles

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Like any other community, the tiny one-street village of Miejsce Odrzanskie in Poland has its ups and downs. However, the strangest of these is that no boys have been born in the village since 2010.


This became obvious during a competition for junior volunteer firefighters where only uniformed girls were showing off their skills. For almost a decade, the women in the village of around 300 people have given birth to 12 girls.

The girls have been forced to take up what is commonly perceived as a male role as they learn how to stop fires and practice first aid on their dolls. The youngest member of the firefighting team is less than three years old.


No one can explain why no boys are no longer being born in the village and scientists have camped there to try and find out. The mayor has even offered a cash reward, among other gifts, to the first family to produce a son in the village.


Featured Image: The New York Times



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