Horoscope For The Week Of August 19

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You may experience new levels of confidence this week, which will attract positive energy in your life.

Your work and love life look good, and people may start to notice you more.

NOTE: Treat yourself to a self-care day this weekend.


You may find it hard to get things done this week, but don’t give up.

Creatively, you may feel the need to write or create something new.

NOTE: If you’re feeling low and unmotivated, think back on all the good things you have accomplished.


This may be a good week for you financially, so be sure to invest.

You may also get much needed closure from a past relationship.

NOTE: Be careful how you treat others this week and take care of your karma.


You may be full of energy this week so be sure to cross a lot of tasks off your to-do list.

Old friendships that you enjoy may be rekindled.

NOTE: Be open to new experiences and challenges this week.

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