5 Reasons Why You Should Make Time For Breakfast

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Sometimes our days just don’t feel long enough. It’s like, urghh! Why is work, even?

You wake up in the morning and already feel tired when you think about all the things you have to do. You’ve heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s really tempting to skip it in the morning rush. Here’s why you shouldn’t:

Increase Your Energy Levels

Having breakfast will help your body to maintain high levels of energy all day. This energy comes from the food you eat and it is recommended that you take a morning meal within two hours of waking up. More energy means that you’ll be more likely to cross off all the items on your daily to-do list.

Stay Focused

Just as your body needs energy to function, so does your brain. Having a healthy meal in the morning makes you more alert and better able to concentrate on what you need to do. Bonus: you won’t be constantly distracted by thinking about how hungry you are!

Helps With Mood Swings

Eating in the morning balances your blood sugar levels making you feel happy and less likely to be moody all day. You may not notice it when you’re hangry (hungry and angry), but other people do. They probably just think that you’re just not a morning person, though! 

Lose Weight

Many people may think that skipping a meal is a good way to shed some extra kilos, but it doesn’t work like that. Not eating breakfast makes you more likely to snack during the day. It also makes it very very hard to resist those chips cravings.

Long Term Health Benefits

Eating a healthy breakfast every day means that you’ll be consuming a lot more fiber, minerals and vitamins throughout the day. This will boost your metabolism as well as reduce your chances of getting lifestyle diseases, like diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.



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