Photoshop Fail Gives Kim Kardashian Extra Toe

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What has two thumbs and six toes? Kim Kardashian West, at least according to a recent photoshop fail.



The alleged photoshop fail of Kim and sister Kylie which was posted on Instagram made it appear as if Kim Kardashian had six toes. This was a promo pic for the launch of their latest KKW fragrance collaboration on 23 August. In it, both are seen wearing one-legged figure-hugging latex bodysuits with sandals and each holding one of their lip-shaped fragrance bottles.


The excitement of a new product quickly turned into ridicule when her 146 million followers noticed the extra toe. Many were shocked that such a simple mistake had not been seen before the picture was uploaded. Arep from the Kardashian family was quick to point out that this was not a photoshop fail but simply an optical illusion due to the sideways angle of Kim Kardashian’s foot.


This is not the first time that Kim Kardashian has been accused of using photoshop to touch up her photos, but she has yet to speak up on the latest accusations.


Featured Image Courtesy: Twitter



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