10 Life Hacks You Actually Need

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We all want our life to be as easy as possible and there’s all sorts of advice on how to go about this. Which is great and all, but there’s too much unnecessary info out there. Take a look at some life hacks you can actually use:


#1. Cold Drinks

Imagine that it’s a hot day and you’re having a cold drink with ice cubes. To prevent them from watering down your drink, make ice cubes out of the same liquid that they’ll be going into.

#2. Text Color

When you have a fancy presentation to make at work or at school, remember to use white text with black outline. This is easily visible and can be read against any background.

#3. Hot Oil

If you don’t want to get burned by hot oil when frying, sprinkling a little salt on your pan will prevent it from splattering.

Courtesy: Medium

#4. Homemade Speaker

 Want to listen to your music in style? Use this life hack to create a homemade music surround system. Just get an old toilet roll and cut a hole on the side big enough for your phone. Then attach plastic cups on both ends of the roll and start the music.

#5. Eggs

If you’re not sure if your eggs are fresh or not, simply drop them in water. Fresh eggs will immediately sink to the bottom while bad eggs will float.

#6. Boiling Water

Whether you’re planning to make ugali or boiling potatoes, put your mwiko across the pot to prevent your water from boiling over.

#7. Batteries

You can use this life hack to test whether batteries can be used or not. Just drop them on a table and if they bounce once and lie still, you’re good to go.

Courtesy: Society19

#8. Morning Alarm

Finally, a life hack for heavy sleepers! If you’re tired of always sleeping through your alarm, put your phone inside a glass cup to make your alarm louder in the morning.

#9. Paint

If you hate the smell of paint, adding a tablespoon of vanilla extract will mask the paint fumes and have the place smelling really good.

#10. Onions

Chew gum when cutting them and there will be no tears. You can also try soaking them in water for a few minutes first.



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