Top Historical Sites You Can Travel To With Your EAC Passport

There are a lot of things to make you want to travel to all the countries in East Africa. For instance, East Africa has beautiful spaces, amazing food and warm people. Secondly, another great reason is the rich history and culture that can be found almost everywhere. With the EAC passport, it is now easier than ever to visit these globally recognized World Heritage historical sites. Therefore, travel and learn more about ourselves and the ones who came before us.


Lamu Old Town, Kenya

It was one of the most important trade centres in East Africa and has been very well preserved up-to-date. It still retains its old world charm with its narrow streets. In addition, Lamu has beautiful stone structures built with coral stone and mangrove timber. You can also see different examples of Swahili-inspired architecture, especially in the elaborately designed doors.

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